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Informazioni sul settore

Powder Coating Drying System


We want to sell is a Powder Coating  Drying System, its performance is enough to complete the customer wants it to complete almost all the tasks.We believe that this product can provide customers with an excellent experience, so that customers understand what kind of real good product.

  • Heating Mode: Convective
  • UV Light Power(Kw): 5.6kw*2
  • Power (V/Kw): 380/12.8
  • Payment Terms: Tt/LC/ Western Union
  • Power Supply: 220V
  • Movement Way: Agitation
  • Operational Method: Continuous
  • Conveyorbelt Width(mm): 1000mm
  • Conveyor Speed(M/Min): 0-25m/Min
  • Dimensions (Wxhxlmm: 2500X1230X1350mm/2640*1350*1530/5.453cbm
  • Life of The Bulb: 800-1200 Hour
  • UV Lamp Power: 2000W
  • Specification: CE
Powder Coating  Drying System
Technical  parameters
Conveyorbelt width(mm) 1000mm
UV light power(kw) 5.6kw*2
Conveyor speed(m/min) 0-25m/min
Power (v/kw) 380/12.8
Dimensions (WXHXLmm) 2500X1230X1350mm/2640*1350*1530/5.453CBM


It is apply to the special effects such as wrinkle, frosted refraction gem crystal and convex oil on the bullion paperboard, metal, glass, plastic, and also the  curing of the offset printing ink on the offset press production.

1. With Teflon or stainless steel net, transmit speed steady and can be adjusted.
2. With two UV lighting tubes, can turn on the light according to the need.
3. Wink-dry make the surface of the stocks high hardness and rub resistance.
4. Tunneling-based make the whole machine light barrier good and without harm.
5. Equipped with powerful nether induced draughe system and big intake airway, can absorbs the stock on the mesh belthard.5. Equipped with powerful nether induced draughe system and big intake               airway, can absorbs the stock on the mesh belthard.
It can be used with production line and other equipment easily.

ventilating system
It consists of fan, air duct, the wind mask. Here is that should be paid attention to the choice of fan and air volume control and ventilation.
1. The selection of the fan according to the UV lamp power and the actual situation of housing space.     General distribution and convulsions two wind turbines, but I have only small  machine equipped         with a ventilation fan. Fan power is not enough that leads to exhaust air temperature inside the case,       lamp life shortened, melt, even also make curing product quality difficult to guarantee; Air volume of         fan power if too large, will make the temperature inside the case is too low, the UV lamp can't work at     full power, curing is not easy to dry 
2. Exhaust way refers to take the lead wind supply air or air supply on the wind, etc. But either way, not     the wind blows directly to the UV lamp, because the consequences of doing so is to make the UV           lamp for heat loss is too big and not full power work (changed from white to not dazzling light blue),           make the ink doesn't dry.

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